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Who We Serve: What We Aim To Do

When someone asks us ‘who would we like to help’ with our agency, our answer is very simple. We want to work with brands and creators who make the world a better place, and get them seen by millions more people.

Creators: our primary business focus is to help creators on YouTube, Twitch & Kick build a large following on TikTok. We want to take the creators who add value to peoples lives, or who are incredibly entertaining, and help them go viral on TikTok. When we do this, our aim is to bring lots more people over to their main channels, and grow a new & engaged fan base for their brand. On top of this, once we get the channel to over 10k subscribers, we get to create a new stream of revenue for the creators we work for – helping them succeed even further!

Businesses: not being on TikTok in todays age is a huge disadvantage. If you have an awesome product, you can create viral videos of people using them and dramatically boost your revenue. If you have awesome services, you can create viral informational content on your niche and generate a boat load of leads. We want to bring this scope of growth to brands and businesses we believe are making the world a better place, and help them reach new heights!

The History of ACE Growth

Founded in late 2023, we’re a pretty young company! However, we founded our sister company, Video Genie Works late 2022, where we’ve been editing short form content for creators and helping them grow on whatever channel they prefer.

ACE Growth was founded by two brothers, Ethan and Cal. One has the creative prowess and the TikTok know how, the other has the digital marketing knowledge to succeed in todays day and age. Together, they came together and created a service to help awesome brands see great growth through the TikTok platform.

Our Company Mission & Vision For The Future

Our company mission is very simple: flood the TikTok platform with awesome content from awesome people we would love to see grow. As long as we are going, we’ll always be striving to provide: better strategies, better editing & better results for our clients who trust us with their success.

For the ‘vision’ of our companies future, we want to become one of the leading TikTok marketing agencies. We want to build a great team over the years and become a brand that people think of when they think about digital marketing success. But first, our focus is to provide the most value we possibly can to our clients.

Our Four Core Values

Smooth Excellence: we’re firm believers of creating a great service, then operationalising it so we can deliver great results, consistently in a very smooth way. The ‘working together’ process with our clients will always be a seamless process!

Screw Mediocrity: to grow long term on any platform, you can’t just do the same as everyone else. We want to make sure everything we put out there, whether it be our content or our clients content, goes above and beyond!

Learn or Fade Away: digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, so if you aren’t constantly learning you’ll sure fail. We make sure we’re always learning new things, analysing data and experimenting with new techniques to keep our strategies up to date!

Relationship Focused: delivering work sucks if there’s no relationship behind it. We believe in every brand & creator we work with, and we make sure we develop these strong relationships because the better we know you, the better the content we can produce for you!

Learning More About Us

We’re an open book here at ACE growth, and any company news we’ll get up on our blog so our readers can always follow along. If you have specific questions about our business and what we do, feel free to reach out to us at contact@ace-growth.com!

Our Team

ace growth leadership team

We’re a small team at the moment, just operating with our two co-founders and some trusted freelancers when we need the help. You can learn more about our team on our designated ‘meet the team‘ page, which we’ll be adding anyone who joins us! If you’re interested in coming on board as an editor or a creative, we can always use the extra hands. Email cal@ace-growth.com and tell us a bit about you!

How We Work

When working with marketing agencies, sometimes it can be hard to understand what their whole process is. We wanted to break away from that mould, and we’ve written up how we operate at the sales, onboarding and delivery stages with our clients on our ‘how we work‘ page.

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