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Case Study #1 – From 0 Views to 10 Million Views Per Week!

10 million view screeenshot
Our analytics over the 7 days before this.

This is the story of how we grew an account from scratch, to 8-10 millions views per week, and exactly how we did it.

We wanted to prove that we can build an account from nothing, to 10k followers with the possibility of making money. We took care of everything from clipping, video editing, building a strategy, experimentation with content and overall account management.

We started off with 2-3 clips per day, experimenting with different editing styles and video formats. After around 2 months of the account being run we:

🔹 Started seeing consistent views that gathered over 1 million views in just over a month.

🔹 Had our first viral video with over 500k views.

🔹 The account started to gain more and more views, reaching over 800k in 28 days.

🔹 Had another video takes off with over 200k views.

🔹 Reached over 2k followers in around 2 months.

Our first video going viral!
An example of our video engagement!

After the first 2 videos going viral, we figured out what the key to success is when it comes to growth on TikTok, and most importantly, how to keep it.

We made sure that 2-3 videos were posted EVERY single day, making sure to engage with every single person who comments, to create a community rather than an ‘account’. We found the best editing techniques to keep the viewers hooked, stay to the end and engage with the video, which makes the video get pushed into the algorithm.

Above is how we figured out how to get videos to go viral in the first place, but how do you keep the momentum going? We capitalised on small success. Once one video got more views than normal, we created a similar video and posted it the same day. This allowed the new people discovering my account to go from one video to another with ease, allowing for the new video to do as well, if not better than the previous. Now when the ‘small’ success turns big, the results can be crazy! 


🔹 2k-10k followers

🔹 2 videos over 1 million views

🔹 10 million views in last 7 days

🔹 2.3 million views in one day

🔹 Account gets accepted for monetisation

In conclusion:

We wanted to grow a TikTok Fan Account to show that not only can we grow a TikTok page, but we can also do it with pre-existing content, so clients don’t even have to make TikTok specific content. We grew this account from 0-10k+ followers in just over 2 months and with 80% of the journey happening within 1 week.

This is exactly how we’d grow an account for you, so get in touch with us about our TikTok growth services and lets see what happens to your following when we achieve this level of views!

Hopefully this case study has showed that not only can you create a following online, it can happen fast and with the correct people in charge, you can keep the momentum going and get a new stream of income.

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