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The ACE Growth team is small but mighty. At the moment, we have two permanent members and we are working with trusted freelancers when we need to. As the company grows, we’ll be looking to bring in awesome people to drive incredible results for our clients.

The Family Behind the Name

ACE Growth was founded by two brothers, Cal and Ethan. These chaps you see below are the ‘C’ and the ‘E’ in ACE. Our sister is the ‘A’ in ACE, but unfortunately she’s an architect and doesn’t have much interest in TikTok or digital marketing.

ACE Growth Leadership

Ethan (on the right)

Ethan is the mastermind behind what we do here at ACE growth, and is our Managing Director. He created our service offering and drives the growth for every client we bring on board. He has an extensive history in video and editing, read more about Ethan here.

Cal (on the left)

Cal is the digital marketer out of the two, and acts as a Marketing Director for ACE Growth. He helps to grow the business outside of his full time role working as an SEO account manager for Type A media, read more about Cal here.

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