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Who is Cal?

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Cal is our resident marketing expert who’s helping Ethan bring his vision of a TikTok marketing agency alive. He’s very much in the background of the day to day, but he helps grow the site and the business.

A digital marker at heart, when Cal had the chance to use his years of experience in the industry to grow a family business, he jumped at it!

Cal’s Role at ACE Growth

Cal is our Marketing & Sales director. This means that he’s creating the marketing approach for the brand itself and building out our sales process. His key role is to find creators we believe in and bring them on board to help them grow. He’s also responsible for our website – growing out our blog with topics that will bring some value to our users!

With our clients who are businesses, Cal get’s involved with the strategy side of things. For years he’s been creating SEO & marketing strategies for countless businesses, so his skills translate well over to the TikTok platform.

Cal’s Past Experience

Cal started his career completing his digital marketing qualifications at a global digital marketing agency. Once fully qualified, he got the chance to work on some really big brands, including Compare The Market, Bupa and Europcar.

He’s spend the last few years in his career working as an SEO Account Manager for digital marketing agencies, now working full time at Type A Media (If you’re looking for SEO services to assist your other marketing, Type A are the way to go). He’s enjoying his role there, whilst using his 3 day weekends to help grow ACE Growth.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of the world of digital marketing and business, Cal has a few hobbies. He reads like a maniac, getting his hands on anything business, psychology, physics and philosophy related (whilst also being a nut for Stephen King and James Herbert).

If you asked Cal ‘what would you spend your days doing if someone gave you a billion pounds?’ his answer would be: collecting watches, running marathons, playing chess & travelling the world with his mrs.

Where to Follow Along

Cal is mainly active on LinkedIn, where he’s currently posting every working day about all things digital marketing. Additionally, Cal will be doing a lot of the research and writing for our blog – so keep an eye out for him in the author tag for each post!

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