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Who is Ethan?

Ethan Photo - ACE Growth Managing Director

Ethan is the brains behind our madness. He’s the one who’s obsessed with TikTok, video content and scaling social channels. He’s spent well over his 10,000 hours editing videos for maximum engagement and learning what truly makes a strategy pop on TikTok and YouTube.

A creative at heart, he’s the one who started our mission of helping brands & creators we believe in succeed.

Ethan’s Role at ACE Growth

Ethan is our Managing Director, which means he basically runs the show. He has created, and is further developing, our service offering, whilst streamlining the way we work with clients on a day to day basis.

On top of this, he is the one who is currently providing the value for our clients. That’s right, our Managing Director is creating strategies, editing videos and managing TikTok accounts. Why? because he truly loves what he does, and wants to make sure every client gets the full ACE Growth experience.

Ethan’s Past Experience

Ethan started as a creator himself and went from there. Back in the day he was a competitive Apex player playing for an Esports team.

However, he quickly learned that creating and editing content was far more fun. He started a YouTube channel all about Apex, where he learned his craft of editing, creating thumbnails and growing an audience.

After becoming a whizz at editing, he launched Video Genie Works – offering video editing and creative services to social media creators.

After editing a ridiculous amount of TikToks and seeing what worked and what didn’t, he started growing his own TikTok channels to start learning how to succeed in the algorithm from a strategy perspective, not just the content quality perspective.

And that leads us to where we are today! After building his own and our clients TikToks, he developed a service that will allow us to grow a platform for anyone out there who needs our help.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of being obsessed with video marketing, there are a handful of key loves in his life. Firstly, rugby! Ethan is a crazy Salford Red Devils fan, and goes to every home game with his brother and his grandad.

On top of this, Ethan loves his cars. When asked the question ‘what would you do if you won a billion pounds?’ Ethan said he’s start a car collection and a YouTube channel talking all about cars. Even with a billion pounds in his pocket, he’d still be a creator!

Where to Follow Along

Ethan loves creating content, so he creates all the videos for our YouTube, TikTok and Instagram so you can catch him there. Additionally, he’ll be writing some blogs for us, so you’ll see him in the author box as you read through our articles!

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