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How To Generate Business Leads Using TikTok


Our ‘in and out’ summary of how to generate business leads using TikTok:

  • Relevant viewers can directly correlate to business leads – get your videos in front of a lot of the right people and you’ll inevitably generate leads.
  • Treat TikTok as a search engine – optimise your videos around keywords your target audience are searching for.
  • Utilise the key principles of TikTok growth – quality, consistency and engagement, that’s how you reach the amount of eyes you need.
  • Create a community – the real revenue comes from a loyal fan base and repeat customers, so invest time in creating a real hub around your brand.
  • Capitalise on TikTok Ads – the easiest way to be seen by a relevant audience. Use Ads until you’re organically creating the lead numbers you need.

As well as working with creators, we work with businesses to grow their brand and promote their products/services organically on TikTok.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned so far about growing businesses with TikTok and tried to put it in a digestible format in this article! If you’d like any further advice or guidance on this, feel free to reach out.

Why business are going all-in on TikTok

When I completed my initial qualifications in digital marketing, TikTok wasn’t even around. We focused on SEO, PPC and Facebook ads. As you can imagine, when TikTok was introduced it quickly flipped our worlds upside down.

Now you have a platform that let’s you reach millions of people organically, let’s you target keywords like you would on Google, AND has it’s own ads platform. When you think about it, it’s pretty ridiculous.

Here are a few reasons why businesses are using TikTok more and more:

  • The user base is growing dramatically.
  • The algorithm allows for viral clips to grow your account quickly.
  • It’s easy to create a community in a niche that’s relevant to you.
  • CTA’s and relevant links are easy to place.
  • The analytics are easy to understand and learn from.
  • Video’s don’t need to be long and complicated to generate a lot of views.
  • Their Ads manager is easy to use and generates good results.

I’m sure there are more reasons, but these are the ones we’ve heard the most from businesses we’ve worked with!

Understanding TikTok’s user base

Before jumping into exactly how to generate leads, I think it’s important to understand the user base first.

TikTok’s user base is predominantly young, with a significant portion of its users between the ages of 16 and 24. This demographic is highly engaged, spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the app. They value authenticity and creativity, making TikTok an ideal platform for brands that want to appear relatable and innovative.

This isn’t to say you can target older audiences, it’s merely to point out that TikTok has a generally younger audience that most other platforms, so your content and campaigns need to be tailored as such.

Generating business leads on TikTok organically

business making money

We’ve split this up into two main sections: organic TikTok and using TikTok Ads. Both are viable strategies, but the compounding effect of generating leads organically is incredible. The ROI is always going to be higher with organic work, but we do advise businesses to run TikTok Ads until their accounts are getting significant views.

We have a few articles on how to grow on TikTok organically, if you’d like to check them out for more context.

Create engaging content

The first step in generating leads on TikTok is to create content that resonates with the audience. Unlike more formal platforms, TikTok thrives on fun, light-hearted content that often includes music, challenges, and humour.

Tips for Creating Engaging Content:

  • Use humour and relatability to connect with users.
  • Participate in trends and challenges to increase visibility.
  • Create videos that showcase your products or services in action.

It’s important to remember here that we want to involve in trends and challenges, but not at the expense of relevancy. If you can’t find a way to spin your product or service into the video, it’s best not to attempt it.

Making sure you create videos in line with what people are searching for is the most important thing to action consistently.

Use hashtags strategically

Hashtags are a powerful tool on TikTok for increasing the reach of your content. By using relevant and trending hashtags, businesses can make their content more discoverable to users interested in related topics.

Strategies for Using Hashtags:

  • Research and use hashtags that are popular within your industry.
  • Combine general, trending hashtags with more specific ones to broaden your reach.
  • Monitor hashtag performance and adapt your strategy accordingly.

We tend to use a ‘2:2’ rule with our hashtags. We’ll use two hashtags around the specific topic we’re talking about (think target keywords), and 2 broader hashtags to help push us into the algorithm a bit further. It’s a strategy that seems to work quite well and we recommend it all the time.

Optimise your videos around keywords

Digital marketers (including myself) hate to admit it, but TikTok is becoming one of the largest search engines on the planet. Acting like a video version of Google, users are flocking to the platform to find answers to their burning questions.

This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses. If you can be there every time a user searches for a query on your topic, then they’re much more likely to convert with you over anyone else.

Take your time doing research on the platform. Come up with a list of keywords you think you’d like to target and search for them yourself to see what kind of content comes up and how those videos are performing.

To target these keywords with your posts, simply use them in the video description and (if the use is high enough), use them in your hashtags.

Engage with the community

Engagement on TikTok doesn’t just mean responding to comments. It involves actively participating in the community, using user-generated content, and recognising trends that resonate with your audience.

Community Engagement Tips:

  • Encourage user-generated content through challenges and competitions.
  • Respond to comments and messages to build relationships with potential leads.
  • Collaborate with influencers who can promote your brand to a broader audience.

TikTok actively rewards this. You give engagement to generate engagement, and when your videos see a lot of upfront interactions (likes, comments etc), then TikTok see this as a sign of great content and push you out to hundreds of thousands more. This is a long process, but it’s worth investing in!

Offer incentives

Incentives such as discounts, giveaways, or access to exclusive content can be powerful motivators for users to engage with your brand and convert into leads.

Incentive Ideas:

  • Offer discount codes at the end of videos.
  • Run giveaways that require users to follow your account and tag friends.
  • Provide exclusive content or early access to products for followers.

This is ‘how to generate leads 101’ really, but it’s important to make sure you’re putting a TikTok twist on it. Make sure your TikToks are edited correctly for the platform and your call to actions are easy to act upon.

How we generate leads organically using TikTok, step by step

lightbulb moment

This is going to be a bit of a longer section, but we wanted to highlight what it actually means when you take the advise above and integrate it with an actual strategy. With that being said, here’s what we do when a new client comes on board looking for business growth with TikTok:

  1. Analyse the competition – there’s a decent chance that someone’s already creating content in this business niche. We see what’s working (and what’s not working), and use this to start creating a blueprint.
  2. Warm up the account – we create the profile consistent with the business branding and start interacting with videos on the platform within the niche we’re going to post content in. This tells TikTok what you’re all about and helps them understand you.
  3. Keyword research – we find a long list of relevant keywords to target and use this to generate a long list of video ideas.
  4. Video suggestions – with each video idea, we provide a brief on what the business should be recording in order to grab and retain users attention.
  5. Video editing – TikTok has a specific style: clean transitions, captions and popular sounds (to mention a few). All videos have to be of high quality and have a clear hook and conclusion.
  6. Video descriptions – as mentioned before, we need to be targeting keywords! This can be done in the descriptions and hashtags.
  7. Creating a workload – in order to grow fast on TikTok, we try and publish 1-3 times a day. This has a lot of upfront work involved to make sure we have the volume and quality required.
  8. Daily community engagement – getting involved with the niche to grow a loyal community.
  9. Learn from the insights – after a while, TikToks analytics essentially tell us what’s working. We break down what’s working and what isn’t, create a few hypotheses on why and then test a few improvements to see what works!
  10. Rinse and repeat – we can’t just do this for one week and expect to see results, this is a process we repeat until the business starts to see a significant amount of qualified leads coming in!

Want to generate leads using TikTok but don’t have the time?

We offer TikTok growth and marketing services for businesses! We handle all the strategy, editing and engagement and you reap all the rewards.

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Generating business leads on TikTok with paid activities

Most businesses invest in advertising in some way or another in order to generate leads, and it’s no different with TikTok. Using TikTok Ads manager, you can reach your relevant audience and generate as many leads (or direct sales) as you can pay for.

With their analytics and insights, they make it easy to calculate your ROI and see what your investment is really doing for you.

Leverage TikTok Ads

TikTok offers a variety of advertising options that can help businesses reach a wider audience and generate leads. These include in-feed ads, branded hashtags, and TopView ads, which appear when users first open the app.

Types of TikTok Ads:

  • In-Feed Ads: These appear between user videos and can include calls-to-action, such as visiting a website or calling a business.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges: Encourage users to create content around your branded hashtag, increasing engagement and brand awareness.
  • TopView Ads: Capture attention with a full-screen ad that appears at launch.

5. Track and optimise your campaigns

Like any marketing effort, the success of TikTok campaigns should be measured and optimised based on performance data. TikTok provides analytics for business accounts, which can help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Key Metrics to Monitor:

  • Engagement rates (likes, comments, shares)
  • Click-through rates on ads
  • Conversion rates for actions like sign-ups or purchases

Our thoughts & next steps

Overall, TikTok can be a great tool to generate business leads. However, it really needs to be done right, and it needs to be for the right kind of business. It works great for ecommerce brands, and businesses offering a lot of value for a younger audience, but it might not work out so great for an IT consultancy business (for example).

If you’re a business looking to lean into TikTok to generate leads, then here’s what you should do next:

  • Have a talk internally to see if you have the capacity to film all the content you need and have the ad budget to make a real difference.
  • Look on TikTok to see if anyone is doing anything similar and generate video ideas.
  • Create your profile and start warming up your account.
  • Generate a content plan and start filming!
  • Get in touch with us if you’d like us to do it for you, or provide some advice.
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