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How To Grow A Profitable Text Stories TikTok Channel


Using text stories & AI to create a profitable TikTok channel

A few weeks ago we released a post about our course on Thinkific about this topic, so we thought it was about time to run through how to do this for our readers here. For context, see our older post.

Here’s what we’re going to run through:

  1. Setting up your account
  2. Gathering video ideas
  3. Editing your videos
  4. Growing your account
  5. Monetising your account

Setting up your account

You can absolutely just create your account, set a profile picture and start posting, but there are some other things you should consider before jumping in.

TikTok analyses your account to try and understand exactly who you are, what you’re posting and who you’re engaging with. They use this information to both present you with the most relevant videos and to present your videos to the most relevant people.

For actually setting up your profile, this means you need to explicitly demonstrate that you are a fun and engaging text stories channel and that’s how you’re providing value to the platform. That’s the easy part – just pick a relevant name, a relevant profile picture and provide a description in your bio.

‘Warming up’ your TikTok account

We’ve played around with this a lot when growing our own accounts, and whilst growing accounts for clients. Warming up your account essentially just means engaging with videos and profiles that are similar to yours to help TikTok understand you.

With text stories, simply just search for text stories in the search bar and start liking and commenting on videos, that’s all you have to do!

As a typical rule of thumb we suggest doing this for 20-30 minutes a day for 3 days. After this, your feed should be full of these kinds of videos, which is a good sign that TikTok gets the message. After these 3 days, you’re good to start firing out the content.

Gathering video ideas

The beauty of a text stories AI account, and why we teach creating these accounts in our course, is that you actually don’t have to create content from scratch, you’re just taking content from other accounts and putting your own spin on it.

With this in mind, you already have a blueprint for getting the most amount of views possible: your video ideas should be the text stories from other channels that already go viral.

What we recommend is that you tie this into the step before. Whilst you’re going through and finding all the text story channels and videos, liking and commenting on them to warm your channel up to the algorithm, start saving the videos that went particularly viral.

What’s ‘particularly viral’? Our general rule of thumb is anything over 200k views. This might seem like a lot, but making money from the account will require these kinds of numbers on a consistent basis.

Our overall goal with this channel is to post 1-3 times a day (depending on how much time you have to edit everything), so save enough of these videos as video ideas to cover off how many you’re going to publish that week or month.

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Editing your videos

Editing videos for text stories is going to be a bit different than just editing a piece of raw footage, as you’ll be using existing content and putting your own spin on it. The steps we’re going to take are:

  1. Download the text stories you want to use
  2. Crop out the text stories
  3. Overlay these over copyright free gameplay
  4. Add your AI voices
  5. Put your own spin on it

Over the next few sections I’m going to verbally describe how we do this, but our course includes a live step by step and real world example of our head editor doing this.

Downloading the text stories you want to use

After the ‘gathering video ideas’ stage, you should have a long list of text stories you want to use on your own videos.

Open these on your laptop, or whatever device you’re going to use to edit, and use a site like SSSTik to download the video.

Once you have this file, we recommend using Adobe premier. However, we’ve used a wide array of editing tools and they should all allow you to do the following.

Crop out the text stories

Almost all of the text stories you download to use will have the same layout: a screenshot of a text conversation with something running in the background.

Because of this, it makes it easy to extract the content you actually want (the text conversations), allowing you to paste it on top of your unique contributions (the background footage, any CTAs, branding and the AI voices).

Crop the video so they just contain the text stories and have this as the main template you build over on your software.

Overlay your text stories over copyright free gameplay

You could choose any basic copyright free footage (e.g. a video of a wave crashing for 10 hours on YouTube), to overlay the text stories with. However, we’ve found through trial and error that the videos that generate the most amount of views contain gaming footage.

We have no concrete reason why, but our current hypothesis is that people actually watch the gameplay in the background whilst they wait for the punchline of text story. People have short attention spans, so it’s good to always give them something to look at!

To achieve this step, simply type in ‘copyright free gameplay’ into YouTube and you’ll find loads of examples you can use. Download these videos using a platform like YTmate, and you’ll have a file to work with just like you had for your TikToks.

Once you have this, you can add this into your working file with the text stories on top.

Adding your AI voices

Based on everything you’ve read so far, you might think that you can just do the steps above, start posting and see success. And you’d be absolutely correct. If you wanted to you can stop here and get cracking.

However, from everything we’ve seen, we’ve found that having the text stories read out aloud to the users generates a dramatically higher view count.

You could read these out aloud yourself and use that audio footage, but using AI voices allows you to align a different voice with each person involved in the conversation. You can simply search ‘free ai voice generator’ for this and use a tool like Voicebooking.

To use the voice generator, you’ll have to type out the contents of the texts (making sure a different voice is used for each person in the text) into the tool then download that as an audiophile.

Once you have this file, upload it to your working editing document and align it so it’s reading over the texts as they’re showing.

Putting your own spin on it

Now, a lot of people give up at the last stage and start posting that. However, there are a few more things you can do to make your content truly unique.

Why? well, you’re technically using other people’s content. And, a lot of these people will be using OTHER people’s content too. TikTok’s algorithm may eventually catch up on this, so the more unique your videos are the better.

Here are a few ways you can edit your videos to make them stand out and be counted as unique videos in the eyes of the TikTok gods:

  • Crop the text stories to one text and expand as the conversation flows. This gives you more unique frames than everyone else because it isn’t just a static image of one entire text conversation happening.
  • Create a hook. At the start of the video, create a hook like ‘I can’t believe what she texts her boss’ with some captions and emojis. This will make your content unique whilst driving more people to click on the video.
  • Add in some branding. Use your logo and colours and CTA’s to follow you for more etc.
  • Create engaging captions and use relevant hashtags. These are a given, but if you use your hook in your description and use the popular text stories hashtags then your video will perform better and stand on it’s own a bit more freely.

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Growing your account

Hopefully, with everything you’ve learned and implemented above, you should have some awesome videos ready to publish to your account and get hundreds of thousands of views, right?

Even though it’s definitely possibly to just post a video and have it go viral, growing your account for consistent and exponential view counts requires quite a lot of work.

Out of all the channels we work with, there are two key elements you have to focus on in order to grow an account fast: consistency & engagement.

Consistency is incredibly important

At ACE Growth, when working with clients, we have a golden rule: post 2-3 times a day, every day, for 90 days. 9 times out of 10 that gets the account to a point where it’s about to explode in views exponentially. When that one time occurs when it doesn’t lead to growth, it means there’s a much bigger problem at bay.

To make this feasible, we advise editing your videos in bulk to at least get a few days worth done in one go. It can be a lot to manage, but this is really what it takes to earn a lot of money on the platform.

This blog is about covering the contents of our course, but we do also want to offer our support and services to create these channels for people who want them as an asset, but don’t have the time to work on them. If this is the case for you, please reach out to us today and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Engagement is king

If there’s one thing that the TikTok algorithm loves & rewards, it’s engagement. By this, we mean if people are liking and commenting on your videos, TikTok will recognise this as a sign of good content, and push your videos out to more and more people.

Creating this engagement can be tricky, but here’s what we do:

Engaging with other people ourselves. Liking and commenting on similar videos to the channel we’re working on leads to genuine follows and a high likelihood of reciprocated engagement.

Responding to comments with new videos. If someone’s commented on an old video, you can ‘respond’ to this comment and tag it on your new video. This actually serves your new video to everyone who engaged with that old one, meaning your video is getting shown to people who have already engaged with you and will likely do it again.

Monetising your account

That’s the aim of the game isn’t it: turning your views into cash in your pocket.

With our method above, the key route to monetisation is through the TikTok creator fund. This essentially just pays you out a figure in relation to how many views you’re getting on a monthly basis. It’s TikToks way of incentivising people to crush it on the platform.

How much can you earn with this? This kind of depends on your rpm, which is a figure they’ll pay based on every 1,000 views you receive. However, if you’re getting 10million views a month you can expect anything from $1,000 to $5,000 a month. Any views higher than that and you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

The creator fund isn’t the only way you can make money on TikTok though. You can:

  • Sell items on the TikTok shop
  • Generate affiliate commission through selling other peoples things
  • Sell your own products

If you can find a way to work out some relevant things to sell on your text stories channel, and create ways to promote them in your videos, then by all means do.

Summary & next steps

After everything we’ve mentioned in this article you should have everything you need to create a text stories AI TikTok channel that brings in consistent, significant revenue each month.

Wondering where to start next?

  • Try steps 1 and 2 and get a feel for the job at hand.
  • Set aside some time this weekend to edit these videos.
  • Purchase our course (only £25 for information that can generate you thousands each month!).
  • Join our Skool community for even MORE information that can make you even MORE money on TikTok.
  • Get in touch with us if you want us to do it all for you.
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