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How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Podcast Views


Our ‘in and out’ summary of how to grow a podcast using TikTok:

  • Understand your audience – see what’s working in your industry and do it better.
  • Picking clips that can go viral – you can’t just clip anything, it needs to be good for your audience AND the algorithm.
  • Capitalise on both short form and long form clips – TikTok is starting to reward them both!
  • Editing your clips for the algorithm – your clips have to be in the form that TikTok are going to promote the most.
  • Growing your channel – consistency and engagement are the two most important TikTok factors you need to keep on top of.
  • Analyse, analyse, analyse! – that’s the only way you’re going to understand what’s working and what you can further capitalise on.

Growing a TikTok channel can be summed up into a handful of actions that can be used across the board for reasonable success. However, Podcasts are a bit of an exception. Understanding what to clip, and how to use your footage most efficiently, can be the difference between one thousand and one hundred thousand views per post.

Seeing as we offer organic TikTok growth services for podcasts, and work with various podcast clients to expand their reach and following, we thought we’d provide some top level advice and explain how we do it!

Understanding your podcasts audience

Understanding your audience is a vital element for any TikTok strategy, and podcasts are no different. There’s a high likelihood that there’s a podcast discussing a similar topic producing content for TikTok that’s doing reasonably well.

If that’s the case, then doing a bit of research can provide a rough blueprint for you to follow to get views thick and fast.

Here’s what we do when a new podcast client comes on board:
  1. Search for several keywords related to your topic.
    • This will bring up all videos related to your topic but you might find some podcast clips doing really well. If you find these, then you’ve already got a list of things to talk about (or clip up if you’ve already talked about it).
  2. Analyse the editing style of the top performing podcast clips in your niche.
    • Have they got any special effects? Do they all have music playing on top of them? Do they all have captions? How long are they? Answers to these questions can tell you what the algorithm is rewarding within your niche.
  3. Analyse the top podcast channels in your niche.
    • There’s a high likelihood step 1 unearthed multiple videos from the same channels. Have a look at these channels; are all of their videos getting lots of views? What are they doing well? What could be improved? This will tell you how to stand out within your niche.

Understanding all of the above will tell you what your audience is watching AND what the algorithm is rewarding. TikTok’s suggested keyword feature is a good tool as well. If you can provide clips covering these keywords, then you’re on for a winner.

Picking podcast clips that can go viral

podcast tiktoks going viral
AI pics aren’t perfect yet, but you get the idea!

When trying to grow a podcast channel organically, if you’re not going viral, growth is going to be slow.

This kind of blends in to what we spoke about above. In our research already we’ve found a few best in class examples of what’s been done ‘right’ within your niche. Whilst directly copying them isn’t going to replicate results, you’ll have a rough idea of what to do.

Picking short clips

When we’re talking about short clips, we’re talking about short sections of your podcast, in whatever format you product it in.

Short clips have a higher chance of going viral, as they require a shorter attention span to watch (all the way through), like, and engage with, which TikTok bloody loves. When picking your short clips, you want:

  • Clips that are under 2 minutes
  • Clips that make sense on their own, out of context for the rest of the podcast conversation
  • Clips that a hook can be added to
    • By this we mean a clear title that’s enticing can be used to describe the snippet
  • Bonus:
    • Clips that can lead on to a part 2 (we’ll talk about this later)
    • Clips that are slightly controversial, to spark a lot of engagement
    • Clips that are about a hot topic

Picking longer clips

As of early 2024, TikTok is allowing (and rewarding) users who post much longer content on a channel. This is probably being done so that users don’t have to leave the platform and go to YouTube for longer content (sorry TikTok, just calling you out there).

This means, as well as picking clips that only last a few minutes, you can publish entire sections of your podcast! As podcasts are usually split up into several mini discussions, this can be quite easy to do.

What we do: we take a section of a podcast, let’s say around 10 minutes, then split that up into several different clips which are tagged as ‘part 1, part 2’ etc, and include CTA’s for viewers to follow the channel for the next part. These all get published, cater for everyone, drive engagement and convince more people to hit that follow button!

Editing your podcast clips for the TikTok algorithm

In the first step of this, you should have made notes on how the best performing TikToks are edited within your niche. Funnily enough, this does vary quite a lot from topic to topic, so it’s worth spending quite a lot of time looking at this.

Typically, the best way to edit your clips are to:

  • Add text captions that follow the podcasts conversation
  • Only include special effects where they make sense
  • Cut out a lot of white noise that will decrease retention
  • Quietly play a TikTok trending track on top of the conversation
  • Include at least one CTA for people to follow the channel

We have a link to a Google Drive folder here, with a few examples of podcast clips from one of our editors. As you can see, the editing doesn’t have to be overly complex! If you need help with editing alone, reach out to us, or visit our sister company, Video Genie Works.

Growing a TikTok channel: the two most important factors

It doesn’t matter if your content is the absolute bees knees, unless you understand the two most important concepts of TikTok growth in general, you’re going to struggle. Of course, we’re talking about consistency and engagement.

Post your podcast clips DAILY (yes, daily!)

After all the channels we’ve grown, and all the experiments we’ve conducted, we’ve found that absolutely nothing can substitute for consistency.

From all the channels we’ve grown from scratch specifically, we’ve come up with a bit of an internal ‘golden rule’ that we follow:

Post 1-3 times a day, for 90 days. If you’ve not seen significant growth by then, then you’re doing something wrong.

It can be pretty daunting to think of that many clips. However, if you have a good process in play, and you post longer clips and shorter segments of those, then it all quickly adds up!

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Drive some form of engagement!

When you first post a clip, how does it get into the algorithm? Eventually it picks it up, but what sparks a quick ‘pop’ in views is engagement. By this we mean likes, comments and shares.

A good way to do this, and what we do, is take some time every day to find channels within your niche and interact with them! Like a few of their TikToks, drop them a follow if you fancy and make a comment or two – this is the best way we’ve managed to grow natural, organic engagement.

We have another ‘top tip’ – if you have a video that has a lot of engagement, then respond to a comment on that video with a subsequent clip! This makes that clip go to the top of the for you page for every person who interacted with that previous video. It kind of feels like cheating at how well this works.

Other actions that can grow your podcasts channel quicker

tiktok channels growing

We’ve spoken about a lot of these already, but here are the ‘quick win’ actions we use when growing podcast channels specifically:

  • Create several clips from one conversation, making people visit your profile for more.
  • Respond to old comments for new videos to get to the top of everyones page.
  • Include call to actions telling people to follow.
  • Use TikToks own tools for music, as they promote clips that use these.
  • Post long clips to supplement your short form clips.
  • Use 4 hashtags – 2 about podcasts and 2 about your topic (we call this the 2/2 rule and it works a treat).

Analyse your channel to see whats working

Of course, the best way to figure out how to grow your podcast faster on TikTok is to look at your analytics and experiment!

Have a video go viral? Write down several hypotheses as to why and experiment! Publish more clips with the things you think are driving the growth and see what happens.

The same can be said for videos that don’t do well – try and guess why and keep removing until you’ve figured it out!

Once this is done, you’ll have a blueprint for what works for YOUR podcast audience and YOUR podcast clips specifically. Doing the research about other channels can be useful up front, but won’t always directly correlate to what you need to do.

Monetise your podcast clips on TikTok

Just one more thing to talk about before we go, as you’ll want a bit of extra motivation to go through all of this effort.

Yes, growing a large audience on TikTok for your podcast can lead to follows for your actual podcast on other platforms (as long as your CTAs and profile is pretty good), but it can also bring in considerable revenue when those views start rolling in!

You can get into TikToks creator fund, which will turn your podcast clips into cash. Additionally, you can promote products or anything in the TikTok shop and earn commission on everything you sell.

We use these methods ourselves, and for our clients, and they’re a big reason as to why clients pay for our services (because they pay for themselves!).

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