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How To Use TikTok To Grow YouTube Subscribers


Our ‘in and out’ summary of how to use TikTok to grow YouTube Subscribers:

  • Treat TikTok as it’s own entity – TikTok can become it’s own unique revenue stream and capture a new audience that doesn’t watch YouTube, so treat it with it’s own merits.
  • Repurpose your content – the vast majority of YouTubers don’t need to create new content for TikTok. Be efficient and clip up your existing content to generate the views.
  • Call to actions – if you want subscribers, you’ve got to ask! Add clear call to actions on every video and have an easy to follow link in your bio.
  • Cross promotion of exclusive content – withholding some of your content to just be on YouTube, and teasing it on TikTok, can be a good way to get people over.
  • Analytics and feedback – a plan is great, but learning from results is better. See what actions drive more subscribers and try to replicate.

In the fast-paced world of digital content, platforms like TikTok and YouTube have carved out significant niches, offering creators vast opportunities to showcase their talents and build audiences. While YouTube has long been the premier platform for in-depth video content, TikTok has rapidly become a powerhouse for shorter, more viral clips.

However, these platforms aren’t just competitors; they can be complementary tools. In this article we try and breakdown the best ways for YouTubers to use TikTok to grow their subscriber count. We work with quite a few YouTubers on a monthly basis, using organic TikTok growth services for YouTubers to grow their audience across both brands, which puts us in a good place to share our insights.

Why are YouTubers turning to TikTok?

I think before we jump into the strategy of turning a TikTok audience into YouTube subscribers, we should break down why so many YouTubers have embraced TikTok since it’s inception. Here are the main reasons our YouTube clients have given us:

  • Capture a new audience – people go to TikTok because they prefer short form videos. If someone who creates longer form videos can capitalise on that, then that will create a larger overall audience.
  • Increase in subscriber count – you can capture a brand new audience, which means you can make more people aware of your YouTube channel and generate more subscribers!
  • Ease – you already have the content filmed, all you need is for someone to cut it up, post daily and engage with your audience (this is what we do, get in touch if you’re interested).
  • Algorithm – TikToks algorithm is quite a lot different to TikTok. You can go viral very early on and it typically only takes a few months to get consistently high views.
  • Earning potential – TikTok has it’s own creator fund, with reasonably high rpms. If you’re already making money on YouTube, why not make even more money with the same content on TikTok?

Treating TikTok as it’s own entity

With what we said above, it’s clear that TikTok shouldn’t just be used as a tool to generate subscribers for YouTube. It should be seen as it’s own entity and it’s own unique audience.

When YouTubers come on board, we make them aware of the algorithm, the earning potential, the earning methods and eventually they treat TikTok and YouTube as two different pillars with two different strategies.

We’ll go into the bulk of the article now, but to really succeed on TikTok you should look into capitalising on all the benefits of the platform.

6 key principles in using TikTok to drive YouTube subscribers

We’ve tried to boil everything down into 6 key principles, which cover using TikTok to grow subscribers at the same time as being efficient with the process and giving yourself less work.

1. Repurpose your YouTube content on TikTok

Repurposing content across platforms is an efficient way to maximise content exposure and engage audiences on both fronts. Creators can take key highlights, interesting moments, or educational snippets from their YouTube videos and repurpose them into TikTok videos. This approach not only saves time but also keeps your content consistent across platforms.

Tips for effective repurposing:

  • Keep it short and sweet: TikTok thrives on content that is quick and engaging. Aim for 30-90 second clips that can spark interest (for monetisation, TikTok requires videos to be 60 seconds or longer, so keep that in mind).
  • Add a hook: The first few seconds are crucial. Use engaging hooks to grab attention quickly. Include the hook in the description and with captions at the start of the video for better results.
  • Direct viewers: Always remind viewers that the content is coming from YouTube, and they can visit that platform for more.
  • Create enough for 1-3 posts a day: this is how much it takes at the start of your TikTok journey, so make sure you’ve got enough repurposed content to see significant growth.

Update: TikTok now allows for longer clips! This is great for YouTubers. You can practically re-post everything on TikTok that you have on YouTube. Try and strike a balance of longer and shorter form content on your TikTok profile to see what generates the most views and, more importantly, more YouTube subscribers.

2. Call to actions

This one kind of goes without saying. Similar to how YouTubers ask for a ‘like and subscribe’ on every video, asking for things works on TikTok too.

Once or twice in a video add a quick call to action telling users to subscribe to you on YouTube, providing a good reason for them to do so. These call to actions should include really simple instructions, like ‘click the link in the bio’ – the simpler it is, the more likely people will do it!

We’ll get into the analytics later, but experimenting with your CTAs is important. Play around with these and see which ones work best.

3. Promote YouTube only content in TikTok videos

Offering exclusive content on YouTube that isn’t available on TikTok can create a compelling reason for TikTok followers to migrate. This could be in-depth tutorials, longer video series, or special episodes.

Tips for promoting exclusive content:

  • Tease the exclusive content on TikTok with a preview or a behind-the-scenes look.
  • Clearly communicate the value of the exclusive YouTube content during your TikTok videos.
  • Regularly update both TikTok and YouTube with fresh content to keep both audiences engaged.

A practical example of this, which is something we do quite a lot, is with podcasts. A very simple ‘view the full episode on YouTube’ to go with each podcast clip is enough to get the numbers rolling. If you can find a way to replicate this with your content then you’re on to a winner.

5. Optimise your link-in-bio

TikTok allows you to add a clickable link in your bio, which should direct followers to your YouTube channel. Make the most of this feature by ensuring that your YouTube link is always up-to-date and accompanied by a compelling call-to-action.

Best practices for bio links:

  • Use a clear and direct CTA like “Watch more on my YouTube channel!”
  • Consider using link-in-bio tools to manage multiple links if you have other platforms you want to promote simultaneously.

The key thing to remember for this is ‘make it as easy as possible’. People like to follow the path of least resistance, so if your bio link it to a linktree profile with 50 different links, people aren’t going to spend the time to find your YouTube channel. Have one link in your bio to your YouTube channel, and include a clear CTA in your bio to explain why.

6. Analytics and feedback

Utilise analytics tools available on both platforms to track which types of TikTok content generate the most YouTube traffic. Pay attention to comments and feedback from viewers to fine-tune your approach based on what resonates with your audience.

Analytical approach:

  • Review TikTok analytics to understand which videos perform best.
  • Track conversion rates from TikTok to YouTube through analytics platforms.
  • Adapt and iterate based on viewer feedback and engagement metrics.

As we mentioned before, the key to success with this is to experiment! Try different video editing styles, try different CTA’s, try promoting different exclusive content on YouTube, and see what works. That’s the most efficient way to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to time.

What we do: our ideal strategy for growing YouTube subscribers with TikTok

lightbulb moment

We’ve covered the top couple of ways you can use TikTok to grow YouTube subscribers, but what does this mean in practicality? When we get a new client onboard from YouTube, there’s a typical process that we follow:

  1. Analyse their content – sometimes a style of content can’t just be ‘chopped up’ and put on TikTok. If this is the case, we suggest different segments of filming in order to adapt the content. If it isn’t the case, we take clips from the content that we believe have the clearest hooks and chances of going viral.
  2. Analyse the competition – there’s likely someone on TikTok already doing the same thing. See what they’re doing, see what types of videos are doing well, and treat these as a formula for success to start with.
  3. Get a few batches ready – for the first 90 days on TikTok we want to be posting 1-3 times a day, so we get enough clips together and edit them specifically for the TikTok platform to do this. We have a few posts on growing TikTok channels organically if you’d like some more information.
  4. Warm up the account – whilst we’re creating these batches, we’ll have the account set up and optimised, and spend 20-30 minutes a day liking and interacting with the content similar to what we’ll be posting, to tell the algorithm what we’re all about.
  5. Start posting – keeping on the schedule of 1-3 times a day, trying out different CTAs and editing styles.
  6. Engagement – in order to grow significantly and get these videos seen by as many people as possible, we engage with videos and the audience daily and encourage reciprocation (which the algorithm loves).
  7. Analysis – after about 6 weeks we take a look through all the videos, see what did well, see what likely lead to the most increases in subscribers, then make a few hypotheses as to why. Then we experiment again to try and improve the overall results.
  8. Rinse and repeat – we just keep going! consistency and engagement, that’s all it takes. If something isn’t working however, we aren’t afraid to go back a few steps to work out the perfect formula for a specific style of content, so make sure you do the same.

Want to use TikTok to grow your YouTube Subscribers?

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A few more ideas

What we’ve covered here is definitely a bit of a ‘blanket’ approach to try and cater for as many content types as possible. However, every creator is unique and there are probably a few other ways to help drive subscriber counts. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Present your subscriber goal in your bio and on videos.
  • Do giveaways for people who subscribe.
  • Pair short from clips with ‘full episodes’ on YouTube.
  • Collaborate with other people on the platform, exposing your bio to more people.
  • Promote your channel using TikTok ads.

Summary & Our Final Thoughts

Overall, TikTok is an awesome tool for YouTubers. As well as it helping build subscriber lists, it can help a YouTuber become more stable, with a more diverse audience base and (hopefully) multiple sources of income.

It does take a lot of work though, which is why a lot of creators look for external help. Luckily, the overall work load is reduced because you can repurpose content!

The bottom line is this: use TikTok to get seen by as many people as possible. If your account is set up the right way, getting seen by more people will generate more subscribers for you.

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