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So, this is it, we’ve finally launched! Welcome to ACE Growth, and if you’r reading this, thanks for the interest.

Who Are We??

As you may have seen around the site, we’re a TikTok marketing agency. In short, we help brands and businesses get seen online and help them achieve more views, followers and revenue!

Before we get into our services, I’ll tell you a bit about us:

We’re a family founded and ran business, with two brothers leading the charge. ‘ACE’ is actually a family name, with each letter corresponding with a siblings first name – in age order! ACE Growth is ran by the ‘C’ and the ‘E’ in ‘ACE’.

The ‘E’ in ACE is the brains behind the operation, with Ethan being the man who developed our TikTok services after growing countless accounts from scratch and learning what works on the platform.

The ‘C’ in ACE is here to help our marketing and build the brand, with Cal having a long background in Digital Marketing and, in particular, SEO (website stuff). He currently works as an SEO Account Manager for Type A Media and helps Ethan in his spare time.

As a business? We’re all about 1 thing – growth. We want to cut out the fluff and just make sure everything we’re doing is of crazy good value to our clients. If you want to learn more then visit our about us page, or read more about Ethan and Cal on their pages.

Why Are We Here??

Our ‘mission’ is very much split into two: our services and our content, with each of them being a primary driver of inspiration for us.

Our Services:

The core services we currently offer are:

All of these services are basically variations of one another – it’s just a case of what our client wants to do and what their goals are.

Long story short, we figure out a strategy for our clients to generate views and followers on TikTok, edit all the videos, upload daily and engage with the audience. We love what we do and we’ve learned what works through doing it & doing it well!

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, then contact us today!

Our Content:

Between us, we have a lot of knowledge about marketing and creative. Ethan has spent his years as a video editor and TikTok marketing strategist, whilst Cal has the digital marketing qualifications and years of SEO under his belt.

In summary, we feel like we could teach a lot of brands and businesses how to grow online to see some true, actionable growth.

So, that being said, we’ll be posting consistently on our TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and blog. We’ll be talking everything digital marketing, not just TikTok. Hopefully along the way we can help someone learn a thing or two that will really drive growth for their (or their clients) business!

A Note From Us

We’ve had some awesome experiences so far working with social media folks, and we’re incredibly excited for what comes next. No matter what happens, we’ll be having fun and learning along the way.

Until next time, thanks from us! (Cal on the left, Ethan on the right)

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Cal McCormick

Cal is a co-owner of ACE Growth (the 'C' in ACE'), and has been in Digital Marketing for the majority of his career. Currently working for Type A media whilst working on ACE Growth on the side, Cal writes about all things SEO, TikTok, Digital PR and the wider Digital Marketing world.

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