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Why Your TikToks are Stuck on 200 Views – A Quick Guide!


Our ‘in and out’ summary of why your TikTok views are stuck on 200 views and how to fix it:

  • TikTok’s algorithm isn’t letting you past the first step – they trial your content with a smaller audience before moving you up, so if you’re not passing this then you’ve got to change your approach!
  • Early engagement issues – if you’re not receiving likes and comments when you first publish content, then TikTok isn’t going to push it to the masses. Strike up some genuine relationships by engaging on other peoples content first.
  • Hashtags, they’re important! – stick to the 2/2 rule; 2 hashtags describing your format and 2 hashtags targeting your niche.
  • You’re not targeting a niche – unless you’re making fan accounts of famous people, you’re going to struggle to gain engagement and exposure unless you’re building a niche audience.

Have you ever felt like your TikTok videos are just shy of taking off, consistently hovering around 200 views? This can be quite frustrating, especially when you know your content has the potential to reach many more. Worry not! We’re here to help you understand the nuances of the TikTok algorithm and to guide you on how to surpass this new viewer threshold.

Why Your TikTok Views Might Be Stuck at 200

The Basics of TikTok’s Algorithm: Tailored for Small Audiences: The TikTok algorithm works by testing your content with a small batch of viewers. If your videos fail to engage this initial group, they might not get pushed further, which often results in a view count plateau like the dreaded 200 mark. It’s crucial to capture interest early on.

Finding Your Unique Voice in a Sea of Content: With thousands of videos uploaded every minute, the key to breaking out is not just participating in trends but adding a unique twist. Your unique voice can come from how you interpret trends, the niches you choose, and the personality you inject into your content.

Early Engagement: Kickstart Your Video’s Journey: The first few hours after you post a video are critical. Early likes, comments, and shares can significantly increase your video’s chances of being promoted by the algorithm. Encourage your existing followers to interact with your content as soon as it goes live.

Profile Optimisation: A Clear Identity Helps: A strong, themed profile is more important than ever, especially when growing from a smaller base. Ensure your profile clearly communicates who you are and what type of content viewers can expect, which helps in attracting the right audience.

What we do when we spot these issues

We mentioned these issues above because we come across them quite a lot and have to adapt our strategies for TikTok growth clients when we come across them! So, here are a few things we do:

  • We research similar content to see what’s working and what everyone else is doing. This helps us come up with a plan to differentiate ourselves whilst understanding what format works well!
  • We also engage with other profiles in our niche on a daily basis, which drives engagement when we start posting and builds a loyal fan base.
  • We make sure profiles are set up as much as they can be, making it very clear who you are and what your profile is about.

Strategies to Exceed 200 Views on TikTok

Tailor Content for Niche Audiences Rather than aiming for broad appeal, focus on niche groups that are likely to engage deeply with your content. Use TikTok’s analytics to pinpoint who resonates most with your videos and tailor your content to suit their preferences.

Optimal Posting Times: Catch Your Audience When They’re Active Posting when your potential viewers are most active is crucial, especially when you’re aiming to increase engagement quickly. This may mean adjusting your posting schedule based on your audience’s timezone and habits.

Smart Hashtag Use: Beyond the Basics Avoid generic hashtags and choose those that are trending within your niche. This targeted approach helps in reaching audiences that are more likely to appreciate and engage with your content.

Community Engagement: Beyond Your Videos Don’t just post and ghost. Engage with comments, participate in challenges, and even comment on followers’ content. Building a community is about interaction, not just broadcasting.

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Advanced Moves to Grow Beyond 200 Views

Strategic Collaborations: Multiply Your Reach Partner with other creators who share a similar audience but differ slightly in content. This can introduce your profile to viewers who are predisposed to like your style but haven’t discovered you yet.

Consider TikTok Ads for a Boost A small budget can go a long way on TikTok if used wisely. Consider boosting a video that has performed well organically to maximise its reach and attract new followers.

Wrapping Up: From 200 Views to More

Key Insights to Elevate Your TikTok Strategy Understand the algorithm’s preference for early engagement, find your unique voice to cut through the noise, and engage actively with your audience. These steps are crucial for moving past the 200-view mark.

Call to Action: Start Today! Apply these insights to your next video. Experiment, analyse the outcomes, and refine your strategy. Consistent effort and smart adjustments will help you break beyond 200 views and aim for higher milestones.

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