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Why Should Kick Streamers Consider TikTok To Grow Their Channel

For every hour long stream, there will probably be several clips that people would find entertaining to watch on their own. This is where TikTok comes in: every clip can generate thousands of views to grow awareness of your stream.

Using TikTok to market your stream can definitely get people over to your Kick and, hopefully, subscribing. However, it also allows you to tap into a new audience that just prefer short form content, creating another stream of views, followers and revenue.

Why Kick Streamers Choose Us for TikTok Success

One of our founders actually started off streaming on Kick, and we’ve worked with a lot of (very) long-form video creators to generate clips and create channels for them. We love to work with engaging streamers and seeing them grow with our clips & strategies!

If you needed any more convincing about whether Kick streamers should promote on TikTok, here are a few more reasons why:

Massive Audience Reach

Reach your audience like you never have before with TikToks fast-growing platform.

High Engagement Rates

Everyone else is getting more likes, comments and shares on TikTok, so why can’t you too?

Viral Potential

TikToks algorithm is unique and means you can go viral earlier on and see huge results!

Trend Utilisation

TikTok thrives on trends. Get your brand involved in trends for more exposure.

Advertising Options

A new platform, a new way to be seen. TikToks easy yet effective ad options can capture millions of eyes.

Insights & Analytics

Learn what works with your audience so you can repeat and see more and more success!

Our Approach To TikTok Marketing for Kick Streamers

Every stream on Kick will be different. There will be different screens shared, a different energy from the host and different content across the board. However, our approach to TikTok marketing for Kick remains pretty consistent:

Clipping & Editing

We watch your stream and find any elements of it that we think could work really well with the platform.

We then edit these clips so they’re optimised for the platform – making them engaging & adding in captions when we can.

Publishing & Strategy

The best approach to TikTok is to post daily consistently, so we handle all of that for you!

After a while TikTok’s analytics will tell us which stream clips are doing well, and we change our strategy to lean into that more for more growth!

Engagement & Growth

We engage the niche most relevant to your stream and grow followers and consistent viewers organically.

This increases the amount of engagement your videos get which pumps them further up peoples TikToks feeds for quicker growth!

Tailored Strategies for Every Streamers’s Needs

As mentioned above, we know that every Kick stream is going to be different. We make sure that our strategy with clipping, editing & engaging is in line with how your stream is set up and the message you want to get across.

Your goals may be to increase your Kick subscribers, or it may be to just grow another revenue stream with a different platform. Whatever your goals are with TikTok, we make sure we adjust to accommodate them.

Maximising Your Reach and Engagement on TikTok

TikTok has a unique algorithm that drastically promotes videos that are getting a lot of engagement. The most proven way to receive engagement on a video is to give it out yourself! We engage with your niche on the platform and grow followers that will engage with your TikToks.

It goes one step further than this. Stream clips can get a lot of comments, and a lot of those comments get a lot of popularity. We can create ‘series’ of TikToks from a particular stream/stream segment and make sure we’re responding to comments along the way!

Our Commitment: Consistent Growth & Another Revenue Channel

From all the work we’ve done with TikTok, we’ve seen that posting 1-3 times a day, every day for 90 days almost guarantees growth. You’ll see some initial growth before that, but that’s when we see the algorithm really favouring your content. This means we’ll always have a bank of clips from your stream saved up to stay consistent.

TikTok is a brilliant option for streamers because you can literally monetise the views you’re getting and it can be a new revenue stream. After 10k followers you can get into the creator program and see big returns from views. After a while, our services literally pay for themselves!

Creating TikTok Strategies for Kick Streamers for Maximum Reach

Our approach to strategies vary streamer to streamer, with the biggest influence being the topic/niche that the Kick creator tends to sit under. As we work with a new client, we make sure we do a round of research to make sure our strategy is going to generate true growth.

Channel Research

Stream clips are very prevalent on TikTok, which is really good news for us. It means that there are usually videos about your topic going viral that are from streams. We can take these clips and see what really made them pop & apply that to your clips.

Competitor Research

Whilst doing the topic research, we’ll probably find some Kick clips channels on TikTok that are constantly popping up. We deep dive into these channels and see what working & what isn’t – taking those learnings and applying that to your strategy.

Reactive Approach

As mentioned before, TikTok provides a lot of data that can paint a nice story after a while. If we see a particular clip or stream segment doing well, we can see how we can tie together a series of clips to capitalise on that to really stand out.

Measuring Success: Our Approach to Analytics and Reporting

The definition of success is different for every channel depending on what the goal of the channel is. However, there are 2 key things we look at when determining whether our efforts have been successful:

1. Engagement – if the core metrics of your channel aren’t improving, then the strategy needs to be changed. How many followers have we gained over the past month? How many comments? Likes? How many people clicked on the link in your profile? These are metrics we look at every month, and make adjustments where we need to.

2. Return On Investment – With organic growth, applying to the creator program is a great thing to consider. If we get your account over 10k followers, then it becomes a money generating asset itself, and our services pay for themselves!

Every client will receive a monthly report breaking down all of these metrics, so the impact of our work should be nice & easy to see!

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Once agreed, we set up what we use for client management and we’re off to the races! If we’re just taking your content and growing a channel for you, you can be as ‘hands off’ as you’d like!. If you want to learn more about our process, then visit our ‘how we work‘ page, or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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