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Expert TikTok Editing Services for Standout Content

At ACE Growth, we’re all about digital marketing, and TikTok is a big part of that. We started our journey as video editors specialising in social media, and edited thousands of TikToks for creators.

With this experience, we learned exactly what editing is required to make a TikTok ‘pop’, get loved by the algorithm and drive maximum engagement with it’s audience. Now it’s time for us to do that for you!

Get in touch with us and we can get started editing your TikToks today to save you a boat load of time and ensure consistent quality.

Why Quality Editing Matters for TikTok Success

It’s very easy to post TikToks. Just get your phone out, film a video and press publish. So why does quality TikTok editing matter? Well, no ones going to watch a video if it’s not very engaging!

Exciting animations, captions to keep people glued to the screen, funky music that gets stuck in peoples heads. These are the things that will keep people watching your videos and make them consider following you. The higher quality your TikToks are, the more likely you are to succeed on the platform!

Our Comprehensive TikTok Editing Solutions

The approach to TikTok editing will be dependant on where your footage is from. Here are the main ways we approach TikTok editing with our clients.

Editing Raw Footage

Enjoy filming but don’t like putting it all together? That’s absolutely fine.

We work with your raw footage and stitch it together in a platform-optimised way to make sure it’s going to grab anyone who sees it.

Repurposing long content

Many YouTubers like to take their long form footage and create short form videos.

We can repurpose the videos you’ve already posted and make engaging TikToks from each video – this makes your long form content even more valuable!

Creating Clips

Do you stream or have a podcast? Similar to long form content, really long footage like this can be used to create clips highlighting the best bits.

We go through this footage and create engaging clips to capture people on TikTok!

Maximising Engagement with Professional Editing

A great TikTok edit doesn’t just look exciting and have a strong soundtrack on top of it. A great TikTok entices the viewers to engage in the channel, thus further driving the visibility of the video.

We make sure all our edits include call to actions for the creator. Whether that be to follow the TikTok channel, visit their YouTube channel or download their podcast on Spotify, we make sure each video is made for a purpose.

An Intro to Our TikTok Editing Services from Our Founder

Customised Editing to Match Your Unique Style

One thing we learned when editing for a lot of clients is that each client has their own style and unique voice they want to share with the world. Because this is the case, a really personalised approach to editing is needed.

We take the time when a client first comes on board to make sure we really understand their style. It might take some back and forth at the start to get fully aligned, but once we’ve learned your style we can apply that to every video that follows!

Advanced Techniques for Trendy TikTok Videos

We don’t just simply stitch your footage together, we make sure we use all techniques at our disposal to edit your TikTok videos to perfection.

We apply colour correction techniques to your videos and make sure all your captions are synced. We create smooth transitions and effortless cuts. Whatever the job is, we have the experience in our team to create high-quality edits every time.

Streamlining Your Content Creation Process

We specialise in organic growth on TikTok for creators, which means we know what it takes to grow on the platform and take users over to your main platform.

A big part of this is making sure there’s a video going out 1-3 times a day to get you favoured by the algorithm. This is why when we bring a new client on board we make sure the process is simple and streamlined so you get your videos back when you need them and can post as consistently as you can!

Elevate Your TikTok Presence with Our Editing Expertise

We have a real easy sales & onboarding process to get you up, running and seeing results as soon as possible.

When you get in touch, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours and ask a couple of questions to make sure we’re all aligned. After that, we’ll set up a call and discuss pricing and the scope of work.

Once agreed, we set up what we use for client management and we’re off to the races! If we’re just taking your content and growing a channel for you, you can be as ‘hands off’ as you’d like!. If you want to learn more about our process, then visit our ‘how we work‘ page, or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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